Our journey :

Basically, we have good skills in referral marketing. In this field  who has good skills they earn more but all the people doesn’t have skills. After thinking about this we decided to provide this skills(what we called as tricks) to everyone. Later we got an idea to start a blog then we start this blog.

Our mission:

Mainly our motto is to provide tricks. People to earn more money through our blog. we daily update the tricks that are available on the internet. That are related to recharge and e-commerce offers and technology news and also we provide how to do such things.

About domain:

First of all talk about Tricksbaba. why we take this domain, first we think this the too funny name, but later we search for the meaning then we notice this. Well, we all known about baba it means who has the ability to tell genuine things that what we unexplained , maybe it is similar to called as like godfather, tricks means  they scam or yourself, regularly in sequence to make you do anything.

Finally about “we”:

In above “we” notice many times. Tricksbaba.com has 2 originators, this 2 are the founders of this website. You can see details about on Author’s page.

“ Finally we hearty thank full few people who helped us to develop this blog, those are

Nirmal sarkar, Avinash sammeta, Anjaneyalu jadda ” .