(Updated) How To Use Paytm Wallet

How to use paytm: #Paytmkaro is a slogan for Paytm. It means “Pay Through Mobile” it is providing fastest online mobile payment  & also It was one of the fastest growing e-commerce sites in India when it was launched in 2010.

One97 Communication Ltd, which is started PAYTM. When it is launched, mainly focused on Mobile and DTH recharge later is extended to paytm wallet & E-commerce. Using paytm wallet we can send money to any bank account(using a/c number and IFSC code). Many people don’t know paytm how to use. here you will get full details.how to use paytm

We can send the amount to any person or outlets using their account mobile number & OTP ( for verification ), and also we pay for online recharge & mobile bills, DTH Recharge & utility bills, travel, movies, shopping. Paytm giving more lot of  recharge offers and

After banned of 500 notes and 1000 note in India many people are using paytm wallet. Using this wallet we can send are receive 20000 rupees per month As per new government rules, earlier it limited to 10k rupees.

But so many people doesn’t know how to use paytm wallet, that’s why we are trying to give full details about the paytm wallet.

We can Add money to your wallet with debit cards, credit cards, net banking from all leading banks – using Visa,     Mastercard, Rupay or transfer money to any Paytm Wallet.


Steps To Use Paytm Wallet App:

  1. First, of we have to download PAYTM App.
  2. And then we have to register trough using the mobile number and Email address.
  3. It will send a Verification number OTP we have to enter it.
  4. Then it will ask to enter your details like name, gender, date of birth.
  5. You have created your account.
  6. After creating your account, you have Login to account.paytm wallet
  7. And then you have to Add Money to your account using ADD MONEY.
  8. It asks to enter the amount; you have entered the amount that you required.
  9. It takes to payment page enter your Debit/Credit/Net Banking detail(Nothing worry about to entering your card details).
  10. Following it asks Secured OTP that provided by the bank.
  11. your amount added to your PAYTM.

Steps To Send Paytm Money:

  1. Here you have seen different options on paying options they are,
  2. Mobile number Or QR code scan you may choice anyone.


Send to mobile:

  • The have to enter the mobile number whom you want to send the amount.
  • And enter the amount.
  • Next, enter your comment that what purpose you have sent the amount.

Using QR code scan:

  • Scan the QR code of the merchants or any others that show the QR code.
  • Then enter the amount and click the Send Button.

How to Send Paytm Money to bank account:


  • Using paytm wallet you can send the amount to your Bank account.
  • Here you can see an option PASSBOOK click on it.
  • You may see send the amount to the bank.
  • First of all, you have to enter Bank account number.
  • After that enter IFSC Code of the Branch than click on send button.https://www.tricksbaba.com/how-to-use-paytm-wallet/
  • Next, enter your comment that what purpose you have sent the amount.


Finally, In my experience paytm is very use full to each and every person to provide cashless transactions, when  ­I started using paytm, I never went to the bank for any amount transitions. If do you get any problem regarding to transfer money please contact paytm contact no .

I hope you all understand this article, Do you face any problems or any issues comment your query’s let we will solve them or give any alternative solutions.

How to use paytm
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How to use paytm
paytm is the number 1 mobile wallet in India, many people searching for how to use paytm, here you can get the best solution for use paytm.